50 years of educational
and emotional support,
all thanks to you.


Thank you for
your continued support.

Did we expect this to go on for 50 years?
Did we think we would continue
100 times again?
Despite the challenges, and the obstacles,
The Ashinaga Movement
grew exponentially,
as a bottom up organization.
And here we are now.

We started with one goal in mind:
Give all orphaned students
the chance to go to school
and to dream big.

Big dreams can power an entire
movement to move
in the same direction;
to have a tangible impact.

Japan, the African continent, the world.
Ashinaga has no boundaries.
Caring has no boundaries.
This led Ashinaga to organically grow as
a globally minded organization.

For those of you
who made this dream come true,
Thank you.

This year Ashinaga looks ahead to
the future.
We still have a lot to do.
Join us and contribute to
a cause you truly care about.

A message from our founder,
Yoshiomi Tamai

“Over 50 years of support.
This motivates us to work even harder,
to support all students
who have lost their parents.”

Yoshiomi Tamai
President, Ashinaga Foundation

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